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New Product Development

An integral part of a business growth strategy involves the creation of innovative products and services to achieve competitive market advantages and better address unmet customer needs.
For a developing pharmaceutical company, the prospect of embarking on the complex drug development process seems to be daunting and may even appear unaffordable. Employing the services of specialist niche service providers can help mitigate this hurdle.
We provide you with a reliable product development roadmap in place with innovative drug solutions, your organization will quickly and efficiently respond to market trends. We travel to study sites to evaluate ongoing compliance with protocols.

Product Development

  • Advise and assist with pre-formulation activities and compatibility studies.

  • Propose trial formulations and evaluate results

  • Product development by using QbD approach

  • Prepare development reports

Process Optimization

  • Propose and design appropriate trials to challenge and optimize the process, as well as increase product robustness

  • Prepare optimization reports

Technology Transfer and/or Scale-up

  • Review process and adapt to appropriate equipment

  • Prepare technology transfer reports